What we offer

Child Care

At Cornerstone kids are a part of our community and are treated as such. Kids at Cornerstone have a strong sense of this being their church too because we emphasize intergenerational relationships and do not isolate the various age groups in our church. Everyone knows the kids by name, and the kids know everyone else.

Leadership team member Jason playing with a Cornerstone child.

Every child of every age is welcome to stay with the adults for the service if they wish. They are also welcome to fellowship with the other kids in an environment that is fun and safe. Our youth worker is a gifted elementary school teacher who builds great relationships with the kids and keeps them playing together happily. Because of our size, we have no formal "Sunday School" as such, but on most Sundays the kids will read a Bible story and discuss it as a group.

Coffee and Snacks

For those needing an extra boost to stay awake during the sermon (we don’t judge), we offer free coffee. If sugar’s your thing, we often have snacks as well.